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Trauma Groups

Trauma occurs when a person experiences a traumatic experience or event. Examples of traumatic events include being in a car accident or experiencing the sudden loss of a loved one. Many people will experience some kind of trauma in their lifetime. Trauma can affect a person’s ability to function in everyday life and cope with stressors People who experience trauma may have difficulty in their relationships, at work, and at school.

Trauma-informed group therapy offers people a unique opportunity to connect with others who have undergone similar traumatic situations. Experiencing trauma can be incredibly isolating. Trauma-informed group therapy brings people together who are dealing with trauma. 

A licensed professional guides each session while providing participants with meaningful feedback and support.

There are various benefits associated with trauma informed group therapy, including:

● the opportunity to gain support from others

● helping participants find their voices

● Listening to other people's experiences and gaining insight

● Developing social skills instead of self-isolation

If you have experienced trauma, know you are not alone. Receive the extra support you need and make that first step towards overcoming your traumatic experience by giving us a call today. Trauma group therapy can be a significant first step toward feeling better.