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Drug Testing

Drug testing services are an essential component of addiction treatment. Drug testing helps identify the type of substances used, as well as the amount. Knowing the type and dosage of the substance is important, especially during the initial detox period.

Once a client has completed detox and residential treatment they may enter into an IOP level of care which requires drug screening. Recovery is a lifelong process, and some individuals may experience relapse due to triggers and temptation. Once this occurs, it's pivotal to reassess their recovery plan and make adjustments to help them maintain sobriety. Because of this, substance screening becomes essential to the recovery process.

Drug testing is an accurate way to assess whether a client has used substances while in treatment. Screenings are often scheduled but can be unscheduled,

Drug screening can make a substantial difference in a person's recovery process. If clients know that screenings might occur at random, they are less likely to use substances again. Here at Thrive, we understand that the recovery process from substance use can be overwhelming for those trying to get clean. A relapse does not disqualify a client from receiving care. Instead, a relapse is a chance to adjust a client's recovery plan to lessen their chances of using again.