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If a person is experiencing depression, anxiety, or substance abuse issues, outpatient therapy may help. While people in early recovery often benefit from inpatient treatment programs, others may find that outpatient services are more beneficial for their particular circumstances. For example, some people may receive plenty of support from their loved ones and cannot take time off work to enter an inpatient program. Outpatient treatment programs are often most beneficial for clients who:

  • Cannot afford to take time away from work or school
  • Are the family's primary earner
  • Have elder care or child care responsibilities
  • Has an addiction that is not severe enough to warrant inpatient treatment at the current time
  • Have already attended a detox and inpatient recovery center and need a "step down" option

Our outpatient program (OP) is designed to provide a therapeutic environment, which is designed to improve functioning and prevent the continuous decline of mental health and substance use problems by providing ongoing support to individuals who have completed our IOP program or those who do not require intensive treatment.

Our OP program includes weekly individual, family, and group therapy sessions, as well as access to support services and resources to help individuals maintain their sobriety and continue their recovery journey.

If you are transferring from a higher level of care or identify with any of the circumstances listed above, you may benefit from outpatient therapy. Our holistic and comprehensive approach to substance abuse can give you the necessary tools to maintain long-term sobriety.