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Anger Management Group

Anger is a natural human emotion. However, some individuals find it difficult to control their anger. This can lead to devastating consequences in their professional and personal lives. Our anger management program helps people regain control over their emotions and improve their quality of life.

Signs You May Benefit From Anger Management

There are signs to look out for if you think you have a problem controlling your anger. These signs may include:

● Physical aggression towards other people

● Damaging or destroying property

● Being told you may have an anger problem

● Engaging in road rage

● Facing disciplinary actions at work for anger

● You are verbally abusive

● You hyperventilate, shake, or tremble when getting upset

The long-term consequences of untreated anger issues are serious and can lead to cardiac illness, high blood pressure, headaches, digestion problems, and insomnia.

Anger management groups can be very helpful for a person who is experiencing anger issues. These groups can help a person:

● Reduce anger and irritability

● Deal with their emotions in a more constructive way

● Enhance relationships and daily functioning

● Learn how to calm down in response to triggers

● Implement problem-solving skills

Call us when you are ready to heal from your anger issues. We can help you change your behavior, manage your emotions, and mend your damaged relationships.