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Life Skills Group

While one of the goals of attending a life skill group at a treatment program is to get sober, they are not only for individuals who have a history of substance use/misuse. Life skills groups are designed to help clients by learning how to manage and deal with their lives.

Therefore, life skills groups are designed to provide the client with a solid foundation on how to face the demands of daily life without. In general, life skills groups help the client learn how to:

● Make healthy decisions

● Communicate effectively with others

● Responsibly manage the demands of life

Life skills groups can improve a client's likelihood of maintaining a healthy physical, psychological, and social well-being.

The Benefits of Life Skills Groups

There are many benefits for those participating in life skills therapy. Some of the most prominent benefits include:

● Develop inter[ersonl skills 

● Improved self-confidence

● Improved social skills

● A shift in attitude and build self-esteem

Life skills group gives clients the tools to succeed

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