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Substance Use

Few people endure the stress and trauma that first responders do. That’s why so many of our police, EMTs, and firefighters are at risk of substance abuse and addiction. Trauma and PTSD are the gateways to self-medicating with alcohol and illicit drugs. 

Today, up to 40% of EMTs, paramedics, and other first responders use high-risk drugs and alcohol.

At Thrive Mental Health and Substance Abuse, we understand first responders' incredible pressures and how those affect their mental and emotional health, leading to substance abuse. 

We provide compassionate services to help those who help others overcome their challenges.

A Pathway to Care

First responders face incredible mental and emotional health risks every day. Exposure to the results of car accidents, mass shootings, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters often leads to binge drinking and drug use to self-medicate and ease the pain of those situations.

· Almost 30% of firefighters abuse alcohol, and 10% abuse drugs.

· 36% of police officers on the force for four years abused alcohol.

· 40% of EMTs abuse drugs or alcohol.

Treating substance abuse requires understanding the drivers that affect our first responders – the need to ease troubling memories and deal with traumatic events' emotional and mental repercussions. 

At Thrive Mental Health and Substance Abuse, our team provides compassionate, expert care to help first responders address their substance abuse, as well as the underlying PTSD and trauma that led to it in the first place.

Compassionate Care for First Responders Struggling with Substance Abuse

Our first responders are the first on the scene in the aftermath of accidents, disasters, and more to render aid. But where do they turn when they need help?

We provide the helping, expert hand to police officers, EMTs, firefighters, paramedics, and other first responders needed to fight back against substance abuse and heal. We also work with family members to provide recovery.

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